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Does EasyGlic measure blood glucose?

No. EasyGlic is not a glycosimeter and therefore does not measure and does not have any glycemia-related index.

Does EasyGlic dispense the fingertip test?

No. EasyGlic does not replace any form used for glycemic index monitoring.

Where can I find the product to buy?

EasyGlic will be sold exclusively through our website.

What will be the final price of the product?

The launch price of EasyGlic will be US$ 219.99.

Can the product be used by anyone?

Yes. EasyGlic can be used by anyone. However, it was developed for people who present as a symptom of hypoglycemia, increased sweating and temperature change.

What is the warranty period for the product?

The product warranty period against defects in workmanship is 90 days, extended to one year as a courtesy.

Does the battery run, recharge?

Yes. It has an internal, non-interchangeable, rechargeable battery. Estimated duration of up to 4 days. Recharge time approximately two hours.

What is the approximate life of the appliance?

The lifetime EasyGlic is estimated in a range from 2.5 to 5 years.

Need some input to work?

It does not require any input or supply to work.

Where is the product made?

The product was developed and is manufactured in Brazil.

Can EasyGlic be used by children? If so, from what age?

Yes. EasyGlic has no age restriction to use. The only snag is the fit of the bracelet. However, it may be used on another part of the body other than the wrist, such as the upper arm or the thigh.

Can I take a bath, get in a pool, sea, with the bracelet?

EasyGlic is water resistant with IP66 (protection index), ie it withstands strong water jets, so you can take a shower. This protection index does not guarantee resistance to submersion.

Physical activity, academy?

There is no restriction of use in physical activity, except swimming or other aquatic sport due to the protection index.

In addition to vibrating and lighting, does it emit any sound?

For the user, the two forms of alert are by means of vibration and light signal. It has been found that the beep is less effective than the vibrational when used for the purpose of awakening the user.

Is the bracelet one size fits all?

The size of the bracelet is adjustable to several sizes, ranging between 13 and 25 centimeters.

Are there any template / color options?

In the first lots EasyGlic will have only one model in black color with yellow details.

The only means of contact is via email?

There are three means of contact: email, message on the website and WhatsApp. Soon we also want to provide a chat on our site.